Local Food January, 11th 2011 by whattodoers

Wet Hamburger

Here you have a special hamburger adjusted to Turkish taste. The bread has a very juicy tomato sauce, that is why it is called “wet”  (ıslak) and it looks kind of red. A special sauce with a considerable amount of garlic accompanies the meatball (made from veal). After a long Taksim night, wet hamburger is the choice of most locals. Its burger is quite different from the ones of famous burger chains and it is always served hot.

Lots of small fast food restaurants serve their own kind of ıslak hamburger. But its origin is in Taksim, particularly two restaurants. Kızılkayalar is the place for having the burger right and Bambi is also good at it. The burger is very small so that’s why people usually have more than one, or, have it as an appetiser!



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